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Whether adding acoustic engineering to an already existing space or building said area from scratch, we can help with the entire process from start to finish. Call us on 1300 153 260 to get started on your first consultation.

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High quality audiovisual design and installation company in Sydney at an affordable rate

If you have a space that you want to add acoustics to or build a space that maximises acoustics, Sydney Audio Visual Consultants can help you make that goal into a reality. We offer a wide range of services, from planning, designing, and installing your speaker systems or any other acoustic devices you might want to have in whatever space you want them in. We make it our priority that you get the best quality service at a price that won't break the bank. We also have many satisfied clients in Sydney and its surrounding areas to show for ourselves.

Our Audio visual consulting Services Cover Many Sectors, Including:






We offer audio-visual consulting work, electroacoustic engineering, acoustic design and modelling, speaker mapping, to even installation of what we helped you design. We believe that quality is a given to the work we do and we will make sure that your sound needs are met and even exceeded.

Do you have a space that just isn't carrying the sound like you want it to? Maybe your studio or theatre has sound quality issues that you can't quite pinpoint. Our consultants can help you take a look at your existing setup, identify problems, and offer solutions to maximise the quality of the acoustics of the space. Issues regarding acoustics can vary, from echoing sound to blaring audio. We help look into the problem and give you ideas on how you can really bring out the best acoustic quality in your chosen space.

Our services also extend to finding the right kind of technology for you to be able to bring out the potential of your space if no setup is currently installed. We understand that finding the right audio visual solution can be difficult if you don't have experience in the equipment, which is why our consultancy services will ensure you get the most out of your budget.

Consultation work scopes also extend to sound support when planning the sound stage for an event. Having experienced audio visual engineers onsite during events helps a great deal when it comes to making sure that nothing goes wrong and that the equipment does its job, as well as optimising the acoustics in the venue to deliver the experience of a lifetime.

In layman's terms, electroacoustics refers to devices that convert sound energy to electric energy. This includes microphones and loudspeakers that amplify and transpose sound through the use of electricity. At Sydney Audio Visual Consultants, we offer support for the necessary equipment, including setting up, planning, and layout design. If you're looking to set up a recording studio or planning for a large-scale event stage, our engineers can assist you not only in choosing the right equipment for the job, but setting them up and installing them as well.

There are a lot of applications for electroacoustic audio visual technology. With our wide scope of serviceable sectors, we'll be able to help set up sound booths no matter the scale. Possible scenarios that use electroacoustic engineering include PA systems, recording studios, event stages, broadcasting stations, as well as video conferencing systems. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you're not sure whether or not your project will fall into this service. We are always happy to answer your questions.

In building a space that is specifically meant to carry sound, the type of materials used in its construction is essential if you aim to maximise acoustics. Whether the room should bring sound or dampen it, the material choice can drastically affect either outcome, to the point that it is necessary to use the right type of material to have the desired effect. In these cases, it's usually a better idea to hire professional experts in sound design to work closely with you to plan and design your studio or stage.

Our experienced engineers can help you design your project, so you don't have to worry about any of the technical aspects of the job. They'll coordinate with you and efficiently deliver the project scope with the highest quality rating. If you have an idea for a unique space that will catch the eyes of everyone who sees it, our audio visual consultants can make sure that not only will it look unique, but will also walk the walk in terms of the av systems. Our work, however, doesn't just stop at planning. We also offer a separate service to install and build what we have designed, so you don't have to worry about a different contractor taking on the work. Call us today to get an initial quote on your next big project.

When setting up an event venue or building a theatre, you want to make sure that everyone can hear what is going on up front, either on the screen or on the stage. Speaker layout becomes important because you want to space them out so that they complement the space's acoustics so that everyone can get the full audio visual experience. 

This can be especially important when using a surround sound setup at a theatre, where speakers are situated even on the ceiling. Setting speakers up too close to each other will cause the sound to become blunt and blaring while setting them up too far from one another won't allow the sound to carry as much. Call us up, and our professional audio visual engineers can take a look and work closely with you to help plan out how you want the sound to flow through your desired space.

Before you get to the actual building of your audio visual space, it is important to plan ahead first to really be able to flesh out all ideas before committing to the build phase of the project. Our company provides 3D modelling services that let you plan out how the sound would carry in a specific room design so that everything can be perfect even before construction starts.

With state-of-the-art software, we can see how sound waves can travel through different types of material mediums, as well as how best to situate, for example speakers away from microphones in a recording studio so as not to have feedback during sessions. Planning ahead is important so there can be no mistakes during construction, and with the advantage of 3D and physics audio visual technology, it can be very easy to achieve.

Here at Sydney Audio Visual Consultants, we don't just leave you with a finished design. We also offer to install the designs we help you create. This way, you can be sure that the quality of the design you receive can be seen all the way through to the finished product. With any of our services listed above, we include an installation package where our engineers implement the design that you commissioned. We not only work closely with you throughout the whole design process including project management, we also make sure that we can follow through all the way to installing everything discussed with the project. Give us a call to get started!

Industry leading Audio Visual Technology

Good audio visual design is almost essential to any form of entertainment and even more important for broadcasting stations, PA systems, recording studios, video conferencing, or any and all types of audio visual systems. It completes the experience for many and produces amazing results. We value this experience as a company, and we pass that passion into every project we take, leaving you a satisfied client.

Whatever your acoustic needs may be, we have the right experts and the right equipment to assist you. Our audio visual technology infrastructure is cutting edge in the industry, providing you with the most advanced solutions in the market. We have staff that have extensive experience in the field as well and, paired with our tech, are always ready to get started on projects with you, the customer.

We are based in Sydney, however, we work on projects Australia-wide, and our professional engineers are always on standby to give you the assistance you need. Contact us on 1300 153 260, and we can get started on planning and designing your AV systems.

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