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Audio Visual Consulting

Setting up your entire Audio-Visual technology can be challenging. For one, you need to be up-to-date with the latest tech and software to maximise your outputs for your requirements. Not only that, there are many things to consider that must be aligned with your needs, like your space, connectivity, and hardware. So, where do we come into the picture?

We offer exclusive Audio Visual consulting for all your needs. This includes assessments of the rooms (because some rooms have specific dimensions and build), equipment matching and optimisation, software handling and syncing, handling of power, and the optimal placement of your LCDs, stereos, and the like. 

How does Audio Visual Consulting Work?

Since every client has specific needs, Audio Visual consultation has to be a process that is clear, aligned, and free of errors. The client (including their crew) and the consultant work hand-in-hand to ensure that all needs are met. All realistic challenges have to be discussed at length. These are also considerations that have to be considered. The client's assets, advantages, and equipment must also be identified so the Audio Visual consultants know what they are working with in terms of extent. After all of these have been laid out, our Audio Visual consultants will then discuss all possible solutions and strategies for you, which are, of course, also aligned with your goals.


As an example, if you are aiming to build or revamp your current space for events, concerts, and the like, our consultants will devise the best plan of attack for your needs. Your current inventory will be listed, and we will check which are still apt for your needs so no equipment will be wasted because these assets tend to be expensive.


Our team will then assess your space, ceiling height, soundproofing, sound reception, and dead spots in your area. These are all meticulously identified with the latest sound tech and experience only Audio Visual consultants have.

Setting up

If you plan on having some live-streaming service for your events (usually done in places of worship or theatres), then they will also set this up for you, including synchronising your equipment to the software. They may even recommend specific software that can maximise your output for your online followers.

In a nutshell, our audio visual consultants do the following processes for you:

  1. Needs assessment and alignment with goals and preferences
  2. The conceptualisation of your audio visual identity and matching of solutions to challenges
  3. Establishment of your audio visual functionality to optimise equipment
  4. Aestheticisation of your premises in line with your goals
  5. Purchase, installation and testing of hardware and software
  6. Cost assessments that match your budget

All of these advantages can be well within your business needs if you hire an Audio-Visual Consultant. Not only that, all the pieces of advice here can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars by preventing redundant purchases or mismatched hardware and software. There is nothing to lose by asking an expert, so contact us today.

An event space in the Sydney CBD with a speaker system and projection screen designed and installed by Sydney Audio Visual Consultants