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There are so many little things that all add to the success of your audio-visual set-up. There must be clear standards when assessing goals and pitfalls to quickly troubleshoot issues and optimise specific key areas of your needs. This is where electroacoustics, one of the sciences of sound, comes in. 

Electroacoustics includes the study and optimisation of audio-visual needs concerning noise, frequencies, and sound propagation. All of these are studied intensively by our crew and our Audio Visual consultants, so you know that their implementations are definitely the best for you. 

This approach includes assessments of sound and acoustics, sound pressure levels, ambient noise and noise cancelling, reverberation optimisation and intelligibility of sounds, frequencies of equipment and the audience, room acoustics, and optimal sound propagation.

Sound and acoustics

Since sound travels from specific bodies to the human ear, a clear element has to ensure proper acoustics. Our team of experts can identify these mechanical oscillations and properly optimise them, especially nowadays, where sounds are almost exclusively made electronically. 

Many factors can affect the overall acoustics, such as frequency range, power draw, equipment count, etc. Our team can ensure that all electroacoustic issues are addressed and maximised for your specific goals.

Ambience or Reverb

Ambience, or ambient noise, can easily affect the quality of your acoustics. Many small factors can all add up, so you should take note of addressing these issues soon. Since our ears can only perceive sound at specific media, if there are more barriers in your area, these sounds may not reach your audience.

So what can we do about it?

For one, to improve or lessen ambient noise (and subsequent reverbs or echoes), our team can install acoustic foams in the best sections of your space to ensure that sound is directed and small chatter or static can be omitted from your recording. If you've ever seen a recording studio, they often have ideal specifications, which is why the final recordings sound pure of noise and are very detailed. You can have this advantage in your space, too.

Sound Pressure and Sound Propagation

Ever heard uneven, muffled sounds from poor equipment in concert halls? These are definitely annoying, not just for the performers but more so for the audience. So, what can we do to prevent these issues? We can adjust your audio based on sound pressure and optimise your sound propagation.

We can fine-tune your equipment to ensure that all frequencies can be heard from the front to the back without compromising sound quality. We use special hardware to measure these frequencies and can give you recommendations based on our findings. Once we find out the issues, we can reposition equipment, adjust the room (as far as we can), and make your entire set-up harmonise well.

While electroacoustics can be quite a challenge, this doesn't mean it's expensive. Sometimes, significant optimisations can happen with minimal adjustments, but having an audio-visual expert assess all your options is key. That's how we can help you, "electro-acoustically" speaking.

Artistic photo of soundwaves titled the colour of music, made to visualise electroacoustics