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Acoustic modelling

Sounds in human speech have distinct phonetics that have to be clearly set. For example, in the Mandarin language, specific inflections and pitches must be clearly set and said, or else they might have a completely different meaning to the listener. Of course, this also happens with other languages, so it's very important that acoustic modelling should be accurate. Besides languages, specific sounds may also be modelled and sampled. Read on to see how we use our technology for your ideas.

Sounds in tech: an impactful breakthrough

Acoustic modelling processes are usually tied to AI and voice recognition technologies. If you've ever asked Siri to call someone or asked Google to search a menu for a restaurant, then you have already participated in tech that uses acoustic modelling. Acoustic modelling is now an exciting field with many applications besides these. There are some applications now that use acoustic modelling to better transcribe interviews or some that even use sounds to assign specific meanings to cat meows! 

The possibilities in acoustic modelling are endless, but the challenge usually comes from the audio side of things. That's where we come in. We can assist you in recognising and assigning data to sounds so you can be sure that the acoustic model your tech offers is accurate and clear.

Speech recognition and data assignments

If you have a requirement that needs some form of acoustic modelling, speech recognition, or speech-assisted automation, we can offer our acoustic modelling services to you. In acoustic modelling, we can use your provided raw sound waveforms and assign them a specific data identity until we can meet your specific goal. We can use any recording you provide (even noisy ones) to assign the particular sound or phoneme a data identification. Does your new app need to understand a specific sound to operate a particular line of code? Let us know what sound you're looking for, and you can do the rest.

Since this requirement is very nuanced, you'll be happy to know that we closely work with our clients on these types of projects so we can ensure that your specific needs are met. Not only that, but we can also recommend suggestions from our expertise that can help you better optimise your tech needs. This is to ensure that your requirements match our interpretation of the sounds submitted or recorded.

Actual recording and transcription

If you want to send in someone to record a sample for us directly, we can accommodate that, too. We can sample the specific sounds at different samples per second (usually at 8, 16, 32, 44.1, 48, and 96 kHz). This ensures that specific data can be assigned at each "angle" or cut of sound produced, making a more accurate speech or sound recognition for your needs. 

If you are interested in diving deep into technology and sound, we can help! Give us a ring so we can talk and recommend optimisations from our end. Make your data accurate and program-worthy.

AI bot with musical colours coming out of its mouth, representing acoustic modelling