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Speaker mapping

Do you have your own home theatre arrangement in your house? If so, you might already understand some of the principles of speaker mapping. Speaker mapping is just a quick way of arranging your output to maximise sound and fidelity. The more you can maximise sound with less impedance and volume, the more you can guarantee good sound without risk of clipping. 

Not only that but proper speaker mapping in your area can also build an amazing soundstage. This soundstage can make productions come to life in astonishing ways and can really glue the audiences to their seats!

So for speaker mapping, you can't just place your speakers based on what you think sounds good for you because you are not the only one who'll receive the sound. Just like some of our services adhere to the right acoustic design principles, we can also implement an effective speaker mapping for your needs that includes all your considerations. We promise you the best bang for your buck and multiply your gains with sound adjustments.

"Channeling" the correct sounds

The techniques in proper speaker mapping are also based on understanding the correct speaker channels, knowing the correct sound localisation processes, and mimicking distance for the soundstage. While common surround sounds are focused on a 5.1 channel, we can recommend even more channels for you (i.e. more speakers) and configure each to ensure the best output for your listeners. For example, if production has multiple layers of sound happening simultaneously (e.g. there is a murmuring public, the lead actor is speaking, and there is subtle ambient music), we can assign those specific channels to only produce that specific sound. This means that even the smallest sounds get the best treatment, and you can really hear the details of all sounds regardless if you're near or far as if you're really in the scene!

From Analog to digital

Speaker mapping also includes the optimisation of sounds from analog to digital channels. If your sounds are masterfully converted to digital, and all specific settings are correct, you can reproduce almost the same sound from how the artist produced it as accurately as possible! If you have ever heard of "lossless" music or movies, speaker mapping has likely assisted it. 

Speaker mapping also includes using the best software to convert physical sounds to digital channels. These digital channels can then be modified very accurately for an optimised listening experience.

Sound isn't all about positioning or buying the most expensive stuff from the get-go. Sometimes, all you need are basic equipment that is built solidly but handled with expertise. It would be best if you had an expert's touch to truly bring out the best sounds for your needs. By reaching out to us, we can guarantee that you won't break the bank but your acoustic needs will still be ingeniously handled.

Overhead angled photo of two sound speaker cones